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Joy – It Leads to Organizational Resilience!

When people are fulfilled by their work, they experience joy! When the organization culture includes personnel development and involvement, joy is a frequent occurrence. In a recent speech I described the gray line between work and play. Humans are the only species that seeks happiness. And the ultimate goal, the peak of happiness, is joy. … Continue reading Joy – It Leads to Organizational Resilience!

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Joy – The Result of Unity/Resilience

I learned today that Beethoven wrote his immensely successful Ninth Symphony to convince people that the only way to Joy is through unity. In writing it, he became so absorbed and then personally infected that by the time he and, ultimately, his audience came to the "Ode to Joy", they were consumed by it. Beethoven read Friedrich… Continue reading Joy – The Result of Unity/Resilience

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Game Changer

Sandra A. Suran was just featured in the January 2015 issue of ASPIRE Magazine, a very cool, online, international magazine.   ASPIRE's mission is to inspire people around the world to use business as a force for good and to shine the spotlight on Game Changers.   So, they tell the stories of Game Changers… Continue reading Game Changer


What’s greater than a Magic Bullet?

Do you know how to improve the resilience of your organization?  There is no magic bullet. But, there is a way to improve resilience constantly while making changes more efficiently and sustainably. Changes don’t stick unless the people in your organization want them to happen. And people don’t want changes to happen unless they truly… Continue reading What’s greater than a Magic Bullet?