Acceptance, Communication, Compassion, Fairness, Honesty, Transparency, Trust

Trust Is Essential

TrustIn this increasingly complex, interconnected, unstable and difficult world, Trust is essential.  

The world is in upheaval as never before. Trust is the only way to smooth it out, to enable us to accomplish more, to be able to live in peace despite company closures, pandemics, natural disasters, massive lawsuits, unexpected and horrific personal events.  Major bad news is almost as constant as change.

Trust in our relationships with one another is the only answer – in our workplaces, in our homes, in our activities, in our efforts to help one another.  We can’t be effective without Trust. The question is HOW? How do we change our workplaces, our homes, our world to increase Trust?

We can make lots of rules and policies; we can establish organizational values and post them. Those reminders will help us but the only way to ensure that Trust will grow is for each of us to individually do all we can to build Trust in all our environments. The only way to build it is to first look to ourselves to be personally worthy of that Trust – with transparency, honesty, compassion, fairness, and open communication.  We have to be aware and accepting of our individual differences in all our activities, efforts and relationships.

Trust =

Focusing on building those attributes in ourselves consistently is tough. Ultimately, it takes our Trust in a Higher Power – in the power and love available to us – to enable us to be consistently trustworthy.  To change the world around us, and for us, WE individually have to be trustworthy.

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