The First Workshop – The DNA of the Resilient Organization

The DNA of the Resilient OrganizationThe first Workshop on The DNA of the Resilient Organization was last week! It was the alpha-test workshop. It included an overview of the road to Resilience and interactive discussions of a few parts of the resilience DNA: the all-important Vision, the Pathway to Improvement/Goal, Increasing Wisdom and Strength = Unity.

The reaction of participants was affirming of the Book’s objective – to improve the workplace for all stakeholders while simultaneously strengthening the organization and making it more sustainable. One participant said his favorite statement of the Book was, “Nothing happens successfully if the rank and file don’t want it to happen.” Another said her favorite part was, “The description of the three parts of achieving organization resilience, “Desire, Ability, Building Unity”.

Two new endorsements of The DNA of the Resilient Organization came from CEO attendees at the Workshop:

“In this book Sandra Suran does a beautiful job of bringing together all the concepts that make up a resilient organization. Sandra has worked with our company a number of times over the years and has helped us be the resilient company we are. It is great that she has put all of her experience into this book. My management team is reading it this month and it will be a huge help as we prepare our company for the next number of years.”

Tom Kelly, President
Neil Kelly Company

  “This book really hits the nail on the head. Regardless of what your product may be, without the full buy-in from all stakeholders, leadership’s dreams and visions will not be fully attained. The DNA of the Resilient Organization provides the road map in connecting the dots, sharing the Vision, building and monitoring the structure – pushing the limits. This book should be required reading for all innovative leaders, large and small. The DNA of the Resilient Organization is now my daily reference guide.”

John Sheils, President
Pine Crest Knits

The next public workshop, for individual attendees, is tentatively planned for May 19.

Watch the Book website for more news. www.resiliencedna.com

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