Women’s Equality Achieved?

In this year of special meaning to women in Oregon, I have been thinking about Women in Communications (WIC) and their wonderful Abigail Scott Duniway award. I was so honored to be the first business woman to receive this award in 1989.

What happened to WIC and to this important award? Do either still exist? If not, then in this special 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Oregon, it is an appropriate time to consider reviving it. The award was given to the woman who had done the most to advance the status of women in Oregon. The job is certainly not done.

Many recent news stories and statistics about women’s positions in government and business demonstrate that women have not yet achieved the level of equality our ancestors envisioned. For example, an article last week reported that the U.S. ranks 70th in the world in % of women elected nationally into government positions. In business leadership positions, I am sure that our ranking is similar or worse.

What can we do to improve this situation soon?

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