Washington County’s Space Coup!

I experienced a wondrous event yesterday – watching the unpacking and assembly of NASA’s new Hubble Space telescope exhibits for the Washington County Museum (WCM).  It is an incredible exhibit, very interactive and truly awesome!  NASA engineers have been working on the exhibit since last week; photographers and reporters were there yesterday to capture the momentous activities for local media.

The exhibit will officially open on November 17th in the Museum’s not-yet-completed, much expanded headquarters and exhibit space.  We are so fortunate that WCM was successful in obtaining this phenomenal display for Washington County and for Oregon.

WCM’s Annual Gala – “Reach for the Stars” – will also be the premiere opening of the Hubble Space exhibit, as part of the night’s entertainment.  The Gala is on October 27th and tickets are still available.

See Washington County Museum’s website for more information.

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