Those Who Dare

Katherine Martin, award winning screenwriter and magazine editor, completed her third book on courage just before she died in 2004. Having known and worked with Katherine, I could not read the book in 2004 and just recently completed it. It is phenomenal –more potent and personal than her first two books about ordinary people who did extraordinary things. Those Who Dare adds Katherine’s own voice – what she learned about courage and its true definition. It describes fascinating situations and gives insights into the real people in the stories that make the news.

From Nichelle Nichols as Lieutenant Uhura in Star Trek, to the priest who takes on white supremacists in Idaho, to the ethnologist working on a cure for cancer in Polynesia and ends up battling to save their rain forests, it’s about people making tough choices outside their jobs or in situations they didn’t anticipate. Then Katherine connects the dots and explains what we all can learn from their experiences and how we can gain strength to overcome tough personal problems and life challenges.

Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money, said, “Masterful and potent . . . I love this book. Every person who reads it will discover new and thrilling dimensions of themselves.” I did – I was shocked at the impact of Those Who Dare. It transmits very personal messages and provides powerful tools to help the reader develop greater personal strength.

For more book information:  Those Who Dare


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